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WoodOwl OverDrive Auger Bits from Northwest Passage Tools

WoodOwl OverDrive 3/4" Diameter Fast Boring Auger Bit

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This 3/4" diameter OverDrive auger bit from WoodOwl is made in Japan by Star-M International who have been making drill bits since 1923.  They are made from S55C Steel and are designed to be used in portable drills and drill presses in addition to slower methods such as hand braces. When used in cordless drills they cut very quickly, save up to 35% of battery life, and yet create quite a smooth hole with minimal blow out on the exit and entry surfaces. They also work very well in drill presses because they have a brad type point instead of a lead screw.

All are 6-1/2" long and 1/4" hex shanks.  A good choice for boring round 3/4" dog holes in work bench tops.