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Plastic Combination Pliers for use on brass nuts

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These combination pliers are made in Germany from glass fiber reinforced plastic and have soft grip non slip handles.  They are really designed to be used as insulated pliers, since they have a 1000V insulation rating, but we find that they are the ideal tool for tightening and loosening the brass nuts on parts of various tools such as hand plane fences, depth stops, clamping knobs etc., as an alternative to metal pliers, nuts savers, strap wrenches etc. - they are very well built, but are still softer than the brass and other metals, so won't cause damage like metal tools will.  They are also ideal for people with arthritic hands that have trouble gripping.  Another use is to hold small wooden or plastic parts without marring them.

The pliers are 180 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm and the soft serrated jaws will grip cylindrical shapes up to 25 mm (1") diameter.  And as an extra bonus, they can't rust.

Of course good judgement must be used when using any type of pliers or strap wrenches to tighten brass, bronze or aluminum threads because it is easy to cause damage by over tightening.