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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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These 16" x 16" Microfiber cleaning cloths are made of a blend of polyester and polyamide with a fiber size of less than 0.5 denier, which is about 2.5 microns.  Each square inch of the cloth has over 200,000 fibers and the end of each fiber is split (so that under a microscope, it looks a bit like an asterisk) and builds a positive charge and this increases the ability of the cloth to trap dust and dirt.

Because of the small fiber size, the cloth is very soft and won't scratch polished surfaces, so is ideal for cleaning tools.  The very large surface area gives the cloth an amazing ability to absorb oil, water and other liquids.  They do a great job of removing oil and acid from fingerprints on tools and are also ideal for applying oil to tools after use to prevent rusting.  Unlike cotton and other materials, these cloths leave no lint and can be washed hundreds of times - when washing them, only detergent should be used as fabric softener will degrade the cleaning ability of the cloth.

These cloths also work well as a general cleaning or dusting cloth - their affinity for dust, dirt and liquids means that you can use less cleaning chemicals or avoid them altogether.

Like most microfiber textiles, these are made in China.  We are selling these at our cost price because they have our logo on them as advertising and also because we want our customers to use them to take good care of the tools that they buy from us.