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Makers Cabinet Lazlo Pen

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The Makers Cabinet Lazlo ballpoint pen utilises two diametically opposed neodymium magnets. A half-turn will rotate the magnets which pushes forward a pin connected to the cartridge. The pin is fed into a slot and is locked in place allowing you to write or draw. Another half turn in either direction will magnetise the magnets pulling them back together and sliding the pin back through the slot, thus disengaging the cartridge.

The mechanism is designed to last and has been proven to be effective for over 65,000 rotations, translating to 80+ years of regular use. Diametrically opposed magnets also create an unparalleled satisfying click due to the high magnetism forces at play in the neodymium!

Lazlo is refillable and comes fitted with a black Schmidt Megaline gas pressurised refill for optimum performance although Lazlo is designed to be compatible with most Euro-style refills, giving you freedom of personalisation.

Lazlo is machined from brushed solid brass and comes with a complimentary cork base stand