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Kinex 4026-28-006 Ultralight Precision Square from Canadian Distributor Northwest Passage Tools

Kinex Precision Ultralight Precision Square 60 mm x40 mm

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This precision square is made by Kinex from titanium and carbon fiber which makes them very light and corrosion resistant.  

60 mm x 40 mm, with 16 mm wide x 3 mm thick blade, and 16 mm wide x 9 mm thick base.  These have a squareness that is typically close to Accuracy Class 0 to DIN 875 which is equivalent to a squareness of about 0.007 mm (0.00028") for the angle along the entire length of the square.  However the edges of the titanium on these squares are laser cut rather than ground as this material is very difficult to grind - this means that although the angle is very accurate on these squares, the edges have more fine roughness than the other squares Kinex make with ground edges.  Because of this they are not certified to DIN 875/0 accuracy.


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