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Kinext 4034-02-015 precision try square from Canadian Distributor Northwest passage Tools

Kinex Precision Try Squares 150 x 100 mm DIN 875/0

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These 150 mm x 100 mm precision try squares are made by Kinex to Accuracy Class 0 according to the DIN 875 standard.  Their accuracy is several times better than many other high accuracy woodworking squares.  They are available in both stainless steel and carbon steel and supplied with a foam lined cardboard box.

The blade is 7.8 mm thick with a 19.5 mm wide base.  Accuracy Class 0 to DIN 875 is equivalent to a squareness of better than 0.008 mm (0.00031") along the entire length of the square.  The high accuracy, small size, and stable base make this square a good choice for checking the squareness of table saw blades.