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Kinex Precision 45° Squares

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These precision 45° squares are made by Kinex to Accuracy Class 2 according to the DIN 875 standard.  Their accuracy is several times better than many other high accuracy woodworking 45° miter squares. The DIN 875/2 accuracy is equivalent to a deviation of less than 35 µm (0.035 mm or 0.0013") over the entire length of the longest blade.  The blades are made from one piece of steel and supplied in a cardboard box.

The 4007-02-120 45° Try Square has a base that this 20 mm wide x 5 mm thick x 80 mm long and a blade that is 20 mm wide  x 5 mm thick x 120 mm long and its stable base makes it ideal for machine set ups such as accurately setting the angle of a table saw blade for miter cuts. 

The 4006-02-160 45° Precision Flat Square has a blade that is 20 mm wide x 5 mm thick and one arm that is 100 mm long and the other arm is 160 mm long.  There is a relief cut at the inside corner of the 45° angle that ensures that this square can accurately measure 45° on both the inside and outside.