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Shinwa Stainless Steel Japanese Square with 90° and 45°, with inch graduations from Northwest Passage Tools

Japanese Stainless Steel Square with 45° and 90° Angles (Imperial Graduations)

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This Japanese square from Shinwa is a good value for a standard accuracy square with both 45° and 90° reference angles.  The body is stainless steel and the graduation markings are in inches.

It has angular accuracy of less than 0.2 mm per 100 mm length on the 45° Angle and less than 0.1 mm per 100 mm length on the 90° Angle, which is the same as that for standard engineers squares.

The base/fence dimensions are 163 mm L x 15 mm W x 5 mm T.  The "blade" dimensions are 170 mm L x 100 mm W x 1.5 mm T.

Made in China in a Shinwa Japan owned factory.