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HNT Gordon 3/4

HNT Gordon 3/4" Brass Bench Dogs

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These dogs, made from solid brass, have a 3/4" shaft. The head is 1" square. You have the option of different head heights ranging from 1mm to 3/4". Thinner head heights are ideal when working with thin pieces of wood, such as shop sawn veneer. The 3/4" shaft is approximately 3 thousandths under to ensure a nice fit in your bench top holes.

One edge of the dog head is slightly curved and angled at 2 degrees to allow it to bite into the wood being held.

These dogs can't be used in the actual HNT Gordon tail vises. The tail vises house a 1/2" shaft dog only, which is included with each tail vise. These 3/4" shaft dogs are for those who already have 3/4" dog holes in their work bench, and can be used in conjunction with HNT Gordon tail vises.