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 Tomé Fèteira Cabinet Maker's 10 in Rasp from Northwest Passage Tools

Tomé Fèteira 250 mm (10") 2nd Cut Cabinet Rasp

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This machine cut rasp is made by Tomé Fèteira in Portugal.  It is about 250 mm (10") in length, 30 mm in width, 6mm in thickness, and has a No. 2 (2nd or bastard) cut which gives a medium cut comparable to the old Nicholson #49 Rasps before their production was moved from the US to Brazil.  It has a flat surface on one side and the cabinet rasp rounded shape on the other. It is supplied with a protective cardboard sleeve and a wooden handle.  It works very well as a cabinet rasp for initial shaping where material needs to be removed quickly and over a large area.  Each one is machine cut and then hardened to between 63 and 64 Rc.  It is supplied with a thin rust protective lacquer coating which can be left on or removed with paint thinner.

A very good 250 mm machine cut cabinet rasp for a great price.

The Tomé Fèteira File Company was founded in 1856 by Joaquim Tomé Fèteira, and has grown to be a modern and diversified manufacturing plant with an established name in the file and rasp making industry.  This ties them with Auriou, as the oldest rasp and file manufacturers still in business today.  They are not only experts at crafting very good files and rasps, but they also share their expertise with other companies by marketing their line of forging machines, and also high frequency hardening and file sharpening systems.

Their factory is over 35,000 square meters in size and is located in the middle of Portugal, in Vieira de Leiria, one hour away from Lisbon.