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E.T. Roberts & Lee Dorchester 22 Inch Handsaw

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These 22 in long Roberts & Lee Dorchester handsaws are made in Sheffield and are a great value given the amazing quality and reasonable price.  The saw plates are made from alloy spring steel and are taper ground and breasted (The toothline is curved slightly convex) and are precisely set and sharpened by hand.

The handle is made from the black walnut with an oil finish finish, secured with solid brass bolts and traditional split nuts.  In addition to a medallion on one of the saw bolts, the saw plate has a very nice etched logo.

We only stock the 22 inch length, as we think that this is the most versatile length for general use.

The Crosscut Panel Saw is filed at Roberts & Lee's standard of 10 tpi which leaves a finer finish than larger toothed saws.

We asked Roberts & Lee to make the Rip Handsaw with teeth filed at 7 tpi as we feel this is the best compromise between cutting speed, ease of starting and good finish for this length of rip saw.