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Alfie Shine Polish now available in Canada from Northwest Passage Tools

Alfie Shine Polish, 60 mL Tin

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Alfie Shine is a polish for wood and leather developed by Jim Hendrix in the UK after researching notes from a 17th century instrument maker.  It is named after Jim's beloved rescue dog and shop companion Alfie.

Most wax polishes available on the market today are soft paste waxes or creams that contain large quantities of solvents to bulk them out and dissolve the wax.  Because Alfie Shine is only made from waxes and resins, with no solvents, a little goes a long way.  It is supplied in a 60 mL tin.  This stuff smells incredibly good - Some of the resins it contains include Frankincense and Myrrh sourced directly from the middle east to obtain the highest quality ingredients.

It is applied in thin coats using a soft cloth, clean shoe shine brush, or similar brushes - even an old toothbrush works well.  After application the excess is buffed off with a soft clean cloth such as a cotton or microfiber cloth.  If multiple coats are being applied, it is best to wait at least 2 to 3 days between applications.  The wax and resins it contains are absorbed into the surface of the wood, while leaving a very small amount on the surface.  Over time, with successive applications, the resins form a resilient protective finish that preserves the patina of the surface, but enhances the appearance and figure.

We use this as a polish on both new and antique wooden tools, such as planes, marking gauges and chisels, and it is also a good coating for wooden vise screw threads.  Although originally intended as a wood finish, we like to use it on metal tools for rust prevention and find that it collects less dust than straight wax.  It makes a very nice smelling finish for the inside of drawers and can also be used on leather.