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B&B Artigiana 8

8" Hand Cut A6320P Riffler from B&B Artigiana

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This 200 mm (8") riffler is hand stitched (hand cut) by skilled craftsman at B&B Artigiana, which is a small family run company near Lake Como in Italy.  It is made from C100 Steel which is similar in composition to 1095 Steel.  B&B Artigiana make a variety of sculpting tools for wood and stone, including rasps, rifflers, chisels, gouges, and rotary rasps.  

They have the unique capability to stitch rasps and rifflers with square cut teeth, although they also make them with pointed, triangular teeth as supplied by other manufacturers. The square cut teeth on this riffler cut faster and leave a smoother cut than products with the same grain density of triangular teeth, which tend to leave grooves or scratches.  One end of the riffler has half round and flat profiles, while the other is a wedged profile that is useful for creating sharp details such as folds.

The square cut teeth on this riffler leave a fairly smooth surface, equivalent to a medium fine grained conventional rasp, yet also cut faster like a coarser hand cut rasp.  Rifflers are useful for fine detail work since they have a smaller cutting surfaces than rasps.

A great value in a 8 hand stitched, smooth cutting riffler.  These have a light coating of oil - we recommend applying a light coating of oil after use.  Made in Italy.