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0.3µm (micron) Aluminum Oxide Powder from Northwest Passage Tools

0.3 µm Aluminum Oxide Powder, 5 g

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This 0.3 µm (micron) Aluminum Oxide powder can be used for both sharpening and polishing.  The glass bottle contains 5 g of the material, which should last a long time as a little goes a long way. 

Small amounts of it can be mixed with water, oil, or wax, and then used for final sharpening on leather or mdf strops - we like to use it on an mdf strop to remove the wire edge from the backs of chisels and plane blades.  Because this is a very fine particle size, it is only intended for final polishing at the end of the sharpening process.

It can also be used for polishing other materials such as plastics.  Because it is a fine powder, care should be taken to avoid inhaling it, so we recommend using a respirator or fine dust mask when working with the powder before it is mixed with a liquid.