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The Bridge City Tool Works MMS-1 Mini Miter Square is now available in Canada from Canadian Distributor Northwest Passage Tools

MMS-1 Mini Miter Square

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The MMS-1 Mini Miter Square is a small square that is precisely machined from anodized aluminum, which won't rust. It is designed to be small enough to fit in an apron pocket. The adjustable nickel plated steel foot is attached to the square via 3 rare earth magnets and allows a miter angle to be checked in both directions by flushing the square up to the edges of the stock using the foot.  It is ideal for checking squareness between the blade and table in scroll saws and other confined spaces, as well as other applications such as alignment of punches when making square holes for Greene & Greene ebony buttons.  It has a larger registration face than blade type squares of a similar size and this can be helpful in many situations.  Also it is less likely to go out of square than the blade type squares.