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A bit more progress on the bedside table and drawers

I haven't done much work this summer on the bedside table and drawers, however since the last post, I managed to glue up the remaining drawer that had the inlay.  After gluing up, I put on a coat of a linseed/tung oil mixture.  Here are the drawers almost ready for final finishing - all I need to do is install the square ebony plugs.  I'm afraid there isn't much contrast between the Sapele and the terracotta floor tiles in this picture.

I also put a coat of the oil mixture on the bedside table frame, but I'm not happy with the color match on all of the pieces, so I've been adjusting the color on individual parts by masking them off and then applying a mixture of oil and artists oil paints (I use a mix of burnt sienna, umber and burnt umber to get the color right) and then wiping off as much as I can.

Here is the picture showing an example of the poor color match:

And this next picture shows the process of applying the toner.  I always do test samples on cut offs from the same project before committing to applying the toner.

And here is the case after I finished the toning process and then sprayed on a couple of coats of catalyzed varnish. I probably wont' have time to get to the top or drawers for a little while.

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