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Replacement Blades for Bridge City Tool Works CT-7 and CT-8 Planes from Canadian Distributor Northwest Passage Tools

Replacement Blade for BCTW CT-7 and CT-8 Handplanes

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This replacement blade fits both the CT-7 and CT-8 handplanes that were made at one time by Bridge City Tool Works, but have now been discontinued.  For both of these planes, it can be useful to have a spare blade sharpened with with micro-bevel steeper than 30° for use on difficult grain. The Angles between 38° and 50° are especially useful on the CT-7 as they give total cutting angles of 50° and 62°.

The blade is made from A2 tool steel and the back has been micro-lapped, so needs no further flattening.  These are a great value in A2 blades with micro-lapped backs, so they also are a great choice for using in craftsman made planes such as Krenov Style block planes.  The overall length is 4.35" (110.5 mm), the width is 1.2" (30.5 mm) and thickness 0.12" (3 mm).