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Replacement Blade for Bridge City Tool Works CS-18 Square from Canadian Distributor Northwest Passage Tools

Replacement Blade for BCTW CS-18 Square

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This 18" replacement blade has both Imperial and Metric graduations and fits the Bridge City Tool Works CS-12, CS-18, CS-12v2, and CS-18v2 combination squares.

All graduations are chemically etched and black filled against a satin chrome plated background—they are easy to read and you should have no difficulties with clarity. The 18 inch Imperial blade is unique—there is a metric centering rule on one side, and an Imperial centering rule on the other. Imperial grads in 1/32" are on the other two edges. Finding center with the metric blade is WAY easier than using Imperial. Second, with the blade locked at the 9” mark, the tool can be used as a hook rule but it also allows you to make yourself more familiar with metric equivalents. (The difficulty people have with metric is estimating—we know when something is approximately 3" long for example. Most don’t have a clue how to estimate 76 mm). The other benefits (divide 13-13/16” in thirds vs dividing 350.8 by 3) and other basic math operations that are a major source of error can be avoided with this blade.