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HP-8 Aluminum Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids

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This plane can do everything that small high quality low angle block planes with adjustable mouths can do.  However, the most amazing capability of our mini block plane is the ability to thickness plane small stock.  By placing any reference material such as acrylic, masonite, playing cards or gauge blocks/pins under the front and rear of the sole, you can drop the depth skids to your workbench surface and tighten.  Set the iron depth to a comfortable depth and plane until the tools stops cutting.  Using this method it is possible to thickness plane small stock to very tight tolerances, which is useful for small scale work including Kumiko lattice work.  The plane body is about 4.21" (107 mm) long and 1.3" (33 mm) wide.

Milled from aluminum billet, the HP-8 Low Angle Mini-Block Plane features a 1.05" (26.8 mm) wide, 0.100" (2.5 mm) thick bevel-up iron bedded at 12°.  With the iron sharpened at 30°, this creates a 42° cutting angle which is ideal for end grain.  It is also easy to sharpen the blade at steeper angles to use on difficult grain.  The blade is made from A2 tool steel with a hardness of 60-62 Rc.

The 12° bedding angle of the iron, combined with an incredibly fine thread on the depth adjusting screw, gives a very precise depth adjustment of about 0.01 mm (0.0025") per revolution of the depth adjustment knob.

The depth skids are made from anodized aluminum.  The only part on this plane that needs to be oiled or waxed to prevent rust is the iron - all other parts are very resistant to corrosion.

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