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Bridge City Tool Works TS-1v2 Aluminum Try Square

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Whenever possible, makers should use a square sized for the task.  The TS-1v2 Aluminum Try Square is a small square that will fit in your apron pocket and measures 5" (127 mm) heel to toe.  The stainless steel blade is glass bead blasted and free of graduations for a reason - you can easily write on it with a pencil.  This allows you to create your own markings for any given project.

The handle is anodized aluminum and features a "positive grip" cut-out to make the tool more difficult to drop.

Like other Bridge City Tool works squares, it is factory calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.05 mm (0.002") along the whole length of the square, inside and out, which is several times more accuracy than the standard engineers square accuracy of ±0.001" (0.025 mm) per inch of length.  However if it ever goes out of calibration, then it can be recalibrated.  It also features a 1:8 slope dovetail cutout in the blade so that it can be used to layout dovetails.  The corners of the blade are rounded slightly to make it less likely to create raised burrs if they are banged into something hard accidentally.

Dimensions 5.16" x 3.16" x 0.5" (131 mm x 80 mm x 13 mm)