CSM-V2 Chopstick Master with Mini Block Plane

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The Chopstick MasterTM CSM-V2 is an updated version of the chopstick making kit that was introduced by BCT in 2015. It allows anybody, regardless of experience to make a beautiful pair of chopsticks. It includes a mini block plane with pivoting depth sled, which eliminates the need for the saw blade used in the first version to cut the pyramid shaped end.

The Jig works by providing a precise ramp for the mini block plane to cut the taper and octagonal shape into the chopstick blank. The same block plane is then used to cut the decorative pyramid shape on the large end of the chop stick. The HP-8 plane that comes with the kit is also very useful as a general purpose small block plane without the chopstick making jig and the depth skids allow the plane to be used to “thickness plane” small or thin stock that would be difficult to dimension using other methods.

The Chopstick Master™ includes the following: •  Chopstick Master Base Unit •  Red Arm for 5mm Chopsticks •  Removable Bench Hook with Leg & Adjustable Stop •  (2) Red Clamping Wedges •  Sharpening Abrasive Strip •  Mini Block Plane with Adjustable Depth Skids      and Pivoting Depth Sled •  30° Mini Honing Guide for Plane Iron •  (10) Fabric Chopstick Sleeves •  (4) Cherry Chopstick Blanks •  (4) Maple Chopstick Blanks •  (4) Padauk Chopstick Blanks •  (4) Walnut Chopstick Blanks •  (2) Ceylon Iron Wood Chopstick Blanks •  (2) Teak Chopstick Blanks •  Container for Chopstick Finishing Oil

Optional accessories such as the Green Arm for 2mm Chopsticks and spare blanks and sleeves will also be available to purchase separately in the near future.

Because of shipping regulations, the kit includes only an empty container for finishing oil, but not any oil, however any food grade oil such as pure tung oil, mineral oil or olive oil can be used as a finish on the chopsticks. We think this kit is a good value, given that it includes the block plane with depth skids and that it can be used for non-chopstick making purposes such as making pyramid shaped plugs for arts and crafts furniture.