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Bridge City Tool Works AS-24v3 Adjustable Square from Northwest Passage Tools

Bridge City Tool Works AS-24v3 Adjustable Square, with Metric Graduations

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The AS-24v3 Square has both a large fixed 90° reference and an adjustable bevel square - it is one of the most versatile bench layout tools available.  It has a split, anodized aluminum head.  One head is fixed to the 24" (610 mm) blade at 90° (with an accuracy of ±0.002" (±0.05 mm) over the entire blade length) and the other head pivots - allowing you to set the blade of the tool to any angle your project requires.

The AS-24v3 features laser etched metric graduations, which can be used directly or in conjunction with the optional cursors which eliminate parallax errors.  These graduations are on one edge only; the opposing edge is unmarked to allow you to add storyboard pencil markings.  The satin chrome finish on the steel blade provide an nice non-glare contrast to pencil markings and also makes it easy to wipe them off.

The cam lever locking lever for the movable bevel head makes it easy to firmly lock the head in place.  The blade is notable because it is a hardened satin chrome 24" precision straight edge and can be used in conjunction with marking knives or veneer cutters.

The optional AS-24v3 magnetic cursors will allow you to reference individual graduations to speed the layout amongst multiple boards.  They are easily adjusted, stay put, and can easily be removed when not needed.  They are available in several different colors to allow the option of color coding markings when doing layouts.  When used with a marking pencil or pen, the cursors also allow the square to be used as a 24" panel gauge.

The AS-24v3 is a beautiful and accurate addition to your set of tools.  Because this product is much larger than our other tools, the shipping cost calculated by our online store may not be accurate, so there may be additional shipping charges for orders containing this product.  So when this product is ordered, we will contact you with an updated shipping price to verify that you would like to proceed with the order.