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50° Honing Kit for Bridge City Tool Works HP-8 Plane

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This honing kit includes an angle gauge that will set the plane iron projection to create a 50° microbevel on the iron of the HP-8 Plane, when used with the Bridge City Tool Works honing guide, which is available separately.The kit also includes a spare plane iron for the HP-8 Plane.

The honing guide for the HP-8 Plane creates a 30° microbevel on the plane iron, which gives an effective planing angle of 42°.  This works well for end grain and mildly figured woods, but not so well for highly figured, difficult woods.  It is handy to have a spare plane blade sharpened at a higher angle to deal with these situations and the 50° angle that this kit creates and the resulting 62° effective planing angle, will create Type II chips that will result in a good finish in even figured woods.

Note that this kit does not include the honing guide that is shown in one of the two photos - it only includes the spare iron and the angle setup gauge.