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Bridge City Tool Works TS-1.5v2 Aluminum Try Square

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The TS-1.5v2 is the mid-sized try square in the Bridge City Tool Works family of squares.  It has a blade length of 6-1/2" (165 mm), which is between the sizes of the TS1v2 and TS-2v2. Consequently, it is a good size for box makers, case goods and drawers.

The stainless steel blade is glass bead blasted and free of graduations for a reason - you can easily write on it with a pencil.  This allows you to create your own markings for any given project.

The handle is anodized aluminum and features a "positive grip" cut-out to make the tool more difficult to drop.

Like other Bridge City Tool works squares, it is factory calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.05 mm (0.002") along the whole length of the square which is several times more accuracy than the standard engineers square accuracy of ±0.001" (0.025 mm) per inch of length.  However if it ever goes out of calibration, then it can be recalibrated.  It also features a 1:8 slope dovetail cutout in the blade so that it can be used to layout dovetails.